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* INTERMEDIATE JUNIORS CLINICS (Saturdays 11a from Feb 4 to Mar 4).  5 weeks for $25. *MUST be pre-registered to play.

     "Intermediate" means that the player can serve and rally.  The focus will be on advanced strokes and match play.

* APRIL TOURNAMENT - The next tournament will likely be April 23 or April 30.  More info soon.

COMMON ANSWERS: Wed, Thurs and Sat are Open Play (Walk-Ins Welcome)         Monday League is reserved for USATT Ratings Over 1400 (or club equivalent).  The Tuesday League is Open to All (new players register at 6:45).   It is $8 per night to play.

Current Hours: Monday 6:45p (Advanced League $8), Tuesday 6:45p (Open League $8),  Wednesday  and Thursday  6:45p (Open Play $7) ,   Saturdays (Open Play $7) 1:30-5p.  

(Operators may stay longer than posted hours - call ahead).  All are welcome to the Tuesday League - Must arrive by 7p to play (new players can register between 6:30 and 6:45) 

First Time?

It is best to visit for the first time on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday (avoiding leagues). 

Schedule Coaching

Groups and Parties 

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